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pose pallets ps5

option: install pallets  on your controller or on a new controller 

  noted that if you buy  a brand new controller and you want paddles, please add this option to cart or   send your controller to ld address below: 

georgin franck

46 route of spain

64250 cambo the baths
contact me if you want to send me your controller for installation or any other modification! thank you
the price does not include the controller in the photo!

The custom64 paddle shifter is essential to improve yourself on FPS like Call of duty warzone, Fornite, RainbowSix, Apex Legends.... The left paddle allows you to jump (attribution on X) and the right one allows you to set,  (attribution on O). this allows you to leave your right thumb on your joystick while pressing the cross to jump or the circle to lay down, this gives you increased mobility and a definite advantage over your opponents.  
Know that about 45% of players playing regularly on the type of FPS game are equipped with at least one paddle controller on Playstation 4 or on ps5
Our PS4/ps5 Paddles are robust and perfectly adapted to the natural position of your hands. The adaptation time to become more efficient will be relatively short.

pose pallets ps5

  • The deadlines for the installation   are 5 days maximum!

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